More About Me

RCS-D™ Project Manager | REALTOR® Strategist | Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

I am passionate about connecting the right people to the right opportunities. Helping people solve the homeownership puzzle is at the forefront of my passion.  Knowledge is power, and I have committed myself to educating myself and my clients on REAL solutions to our housing challenges in the Bay Area and the nation.  Take a look at the links on my page for real solutions that can help every person in our community achieve their dream of homeownership. 

Do you know how checking off milestones like, graduating from college, embarking on your first job, relocating, getting married, starting a family can become rich in opportunities to save, yes save for a down payment?   I find great joy in helping individuals and families through buying and selling real estate. Call me to get more details 650-464-5426.

As a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce, and having been through the process of divorce personally, I am uniquely positioned to help divorcing homeowners maintain their home-ownership eligibility.  I provide insight and perspective to this situation from real-life practical experiences.  I have been professionally trained by Professor Kelly Murphy, who has JD from Harvard & Stanford, to help lawyers avoid gaps in their case file regarding real property and secured debt.   Since the division of property during divorce is permanent, there are many factors to consider.  I am passionate about helping divorcing spouses make informed decisions prior to asset distribution by providing essential documents, information, and consultations with important industry experts.  Meeting with me before Mediation makes all the difference in the world to moving your family confidently into the future beyond divorce.

I understand that a house is so much more than an investment.  My team and I are dedicated to personally assisting homeowners in navigating the entire process of selling your home while honoring the reflection of you that your home has become.  We’ll provide a specific strategic plan that will attract the most qualified, excited buyers.  I’ll negotiate for you as if it were my own money, yet you’ll retain all of the control.  Knowing that we have gotten the highest possible price will allow you to move confidently into your future. Whether you are relocating locally, nationally or globally, I can help you realize the most gain from your home sale. 

I love listening to my buyer’s ideas and dreams and then helping turn those desires into reality.  It takes a unique ability to really listen for what matters most to a client and then translate that into a property that they will make a home. My years of experience in the industry has given me an eye for uncovering the hidden potential in a property. My patience, knowledge of the area and extensive professional relationships often provides my clients a “first look” of properties coming to the market.  First time homebuyers and seasoned investors will appreciate my attention to detail and an experience tailored to your needs. Whether it’s time to move up or down-size, I’ll be here to help you and your family every step of the way.

By layering my experience in residential sales, escrow and title insurance I have gained firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by those seeking homeownership in the Bay Area as well as competitive insight when it comes to prospecting, negotiating and closing a transaction. I pride myself on being accessible, dependable and committed to helping others go beyond their previous measures of success.  Let's get started, I can help you too!